What Luppi does
  • Service-Hailing app (similar to taxi-hailing concept)
  • On-demand request platform for Clients/Professionals.
  • Client makes request by tapping on a desired service.
  • Professional accepts request. Client is notified of available Professionals.
  • Client initiates contact by choosing which available Professional he/she wants.
  • Service-Hailing App
    Similar to Taxi-Hailing
    Geo-location Functionality
    Improving Connectivity
    Fair Structure
    LUPPI does not interfere with professionals’ responses. (fastest fingers gets onto clients' list chronologically)
    Prompt & Relevant
    Client is attended to promptly by relevant professionals
    Ease of Use
    Tap service, and service providers to respond(versus searching websites and classified ads)
    Full Anonymity & Discretion
    Client decides on which service provider he/she wants to deal with
    Unbiased Responses
    App promotes unbiased and unprejudiced response from service providers
    Reverse Enquiry Basis
    Platform is structured on a reverse enquiry basis
    Building with Merits
    Build client portfolio on merits, not on subscription fee
    Fair Structure
    App structure, methodology promotes fair competition
    Prompt & Relevant
    Timely and accessible client review/feedback will readily enhance a professional’s resume, especially new entrants
    Hot Leads
    Hot leads greatly improve chances of
    closing a deal
    Acquire & Build Clientele
    Help to acquire and build clientele
    Enhanced Offerings
    NOT to remove the middleman, our aim
    is to enhance the offerings and reach of service providers.
    How it works for Clients
    Each unique request allows 3 notifications (chronological order, response time) from participating "Pro".

    If request loop is closed (ie replied via text or chat within 15mins), each unique request is limited to 3 replied notifications/- mobile per day (refreshed daily at 2359hrs).

    If a request loop is not closed ie "client" does not reply via text or chat, the notification will be purged after 15 mins upon receiving. If a notification is "declined", the next chronological acceptance will appear on client's mobile.

    All notifications, Chats, request history will be purged after 15 days. NO logs will be kept. Client maintains full discretion and anonymity. Receives timely attention from "Pro" on request. Unbiased, unprejudiced response from “Pro”, and be attended to promptly.

    "Client" gets to see and review “Pro” that have responded to their queries.

    Free for "client"
    When a request pops up, quickest finger gets you higher up the selection page of a potential "client".

    "Pro" can accept up to 3 unique requests a day, strictly according to your licensed profile and/or selected categories.

    If any of the 3 accepted request is not closed after 15mins, "pro" will be freed to accept another request, up to a maximum of 3 closed leads per mobile/day. (refreshed daily at 2359hrs).

    All notifications, Chats, request history will be purged after 15 days. NO logs will be kept.

    "Pro" gets new hot leads from clients’ reverse enquiries.

    Build client base effectively and efficiently, especially for new entrants to industries.

    Build a reliable database of testimonies from clients.

    Monthly nominal subscription fee (minimum 6 months) OR
    Tiered – based on vocation

    Signing up as a "Professional Lupper".

    1. Click on the menu icon at the top left corner of the Home Page

    2. Locate and click on "Professional Lupper"

    3. Swipe to view tutorial pages, or “SKIP” at the top right corner. To continue, click "Lupp It"

    4. Fill up all relevant fields in the “Profile Information” and “Other Information” portions. Click “Next” to continue

    5. Select your profession from the list and proceed to fill up the details (e.g. License ID, Company, Job title, etc.)

    6. Select your sub-categories and click "Save" at the top right corner when done
    Give us a moment to verify your details especially for licensed professionals.

    Thereafter, you will be ready to receive job requests.
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    it is a home-grown idea.

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    L U P P I - Linking Up People & Professionals Instantly
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